The PP-19 Bizon
Silverback Airsoft PP-19 Bizon is coming soon!

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Added on 2012-05-05
Presenting the PP-19 Bizon
Silverback Airsoft PP-19 Bizon will arrive this spring !

- FULL STEEL parts ! There are no Zinc alloy parts !
- V3 gearbox with 7mm ball bearing.
- Nylon fiber midcap magazine, 160 rounds.
- Skeleton steel stock.
- Realistic side rail size, that fits real Russian optics.
Added on 2012-01-05
The new Shemagh XXL
A wide version of the famous shemagh scarf, but we have made it in two meters by one in order to extend possible use. More info here.
Added on 2011-11-14
Fresh from the factory
Our new prototype, will be released in 2012 !!!
Added on 2011-11-11
Electric components bundle
Have a look at our new Mosfet Motor Driver, and our connectors bundle.
Added on 2011-09-19
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