Pull back conversion kit (light piston, w/o bolt head)
Silverback Pull-back conversion kit for the Silverback SRS-A1. This kit allow you to convert your SRS Push bolt in a SRS pull bolt. With this kit, the main spring is compressed by pulling back the bolt, like most of the spring powered airsoft bolt action rifle. The volume of air is increasing from 28 cc to 41 cc (+46%), and this huge volume of air will allow you to reach high power with easier priming of the gun.

This kit includes:

- Modified fibred nylon buttplate spacer
- Steel cylinder
- Steel spring guide
- Aluminium light piston with synthetic rubber damper and steel piston end: optimal weight for low-hopup / low-power configuration (typically Japanese configurations).
- Synthetic rubber dust cover filled with foam (reference: SBA-STK-05)
- M140 APS 13 mm spring (reference SBA-SPR-05)

This kit will provide an energy between 1.5 to 2 Joule, depending on your barrel length (please check the energy chart). Original bolt head is necessary to install this kit. Please watch this tutorial video for assembly:

User manual (english version).