XXL Shemagh
SBA-HEG-01GB (green/black)
SBA-HEG-01TM (tan/maroon red)
SBA-HEG-01SB (sand/black)
SBA-HEG-01BT (beige/tan)
SBA-HEG-01FT (foliage green/tan)
SBA-HEG-01BW (black/white)
SBA-HEG-01BB (blue grey/black)
The XXL Shemagh, a wide version of the famous shemagh scarf, but we have made it in two meters by one to extend possible uses.
Now it efficiently protect your neck from cold (and bb's) during winter and it will be a wonderful tactical pareo or an awesome beach warrior towel next summer!

Available in 7 colors:
-tan/maroon red
-foliage green/tan
-blue grey/black

Made in Pakistan, 100% cotton, 300 grams per piece.