Hopup unit (FAST version)
FAST hopup for Silverback SRS-A1 (Field Adjustment SeTting Hopup). 6061 aluminium CNC machining hopup unit for the Silverback SRS-A1. This new design allows you to adjust your hopup in-game without any tool, in just few seconds. This hopup utilizes standard AEG hopup rubbers and AEG barrels. Packaging includes:

- CNC 6061 aluminium hopup body end (SRS425)
- CNC 6061 aluminium hopup body (SRS426)
- CNC 6061 aluminium hopup ring with laser markings (SRS427)
- CNC 6061 aluminium hopbar (SRS428)
- 8x2 oring
- 10x1 orings (x2)
- 5.8x0.75 orings (x2) - pre-installed
- M3x4 (DIN 913 / ISO 4026) 10.9 screws (x3)
- 1.5x8 stainless steel pin
- 60 degree silicone hopup rubber and nub (SBA-HOP-01)

Instructional video:

Prototype presentation: